A documentary film based on 1784: Un-Settling Antigonish

A year-long journey of cross-cultural community-building and truth and reconciliation has led to our creating and performing 1784: Un-Settling Antigonish. Our community theatre production—rather, pilgrimage—performed by a cast of 30 spanning all ages, ethnicities, and levels of experience, has taught us our shared history. This educational film has been created to share with educators, community development workers, and all those excited about bridge-building through speaking truth to history.


3 thoughts on “A documentary film based on 1784: Un-Settling Antigonish”

    1. I saw this production last summer at Town Point and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately I have a conflict for viewing this film on Oct 22. Will this be shown again at some point?

      1. Hi Claire – the film premiere is at the Antigonish International Film Festival Friday Oct 21 at 1PM in the People’s Place. We do plan to have another screening but have not yet set the date. Will post on the site and Facebook when we do announce it. Thanks for your interest and happy to hear you were able to see the live performance last summer. / Denise

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